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The current crisis of capitalism arouses a thirst for Marxism. Marx's Capital of sales are increasing rapidly in France and in various parts of the world. This is not an easy read. There are also various "books" of Marxism of Soviet manuals translated or French language textbooks published by the defunct "social issues" but they date. Finally, various socialist countries (China, Vietnam, Cuba, etc.) and various communist parties (Russian Federation, Republic of South Africa, Portugal, Greece, etc.) have theoretical publications in several languages ​​which we can make a synthesis. Cocowikipedia wishes to become an encyclopaedic crossroads created by the people and for the people, bearing both on Marxism as an object of studies and Marxism as a tool to have a coherent world. Cocowikipedia is not a finished product, but a product that is constantly developing, mini Marxist Wikipedia.


Cocowikipedia is a Marxist encyclopedia free and open line. There are already several online encyclopedias like Wikipedia and various progressive encyclopedias such as Baidu (China) or ecured (Cuba). We interact with them regarding the content using them as secondary sources and enriching them in return. There are also other traditional encyclopedias such as secondary sources in print in various languages ​​as the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, dictionaries as Critical Dictionary of Marxism Labica or philosophical dictionary Frolov and the huge diverse and varied literature on the works of founders and followers of Marxism in various languages. Finally, as primary sources we have the same works of the founders and followers of Marxism in various languages. There are also web sites that have collected many texts founders and followers of Marxism and various comments.

Nature of the Cocowikipedia Project

Cocowikipedia is an "encyclopaedic crossroads", a new kind of encyclopedia, multilingual (For example, we have various items in our encyclopaedia in English) Development of Marxist concepts and vision of the Marxist world in general and in particular communist. It is a collaborative creation constantly evolving Internet. It uses the open source MediaWiki. [2] Structurally, it is inspired by Wikipedia [3] which is distinguished by its specialization and its partisan point of view (but without dogmatism and sectarianism). The interest and popularity of Wikipedia is indisputable. However its very concept of neutrality as well as the current level of Marxist knowledge of the French population as a whole, forbid him to generate an acceptable amount of knowledge regarding a Marxist worldview. It's the same with regard to a pluralistic vision and reasonably informed of Marxism and communism in its historical and logical development. In this area, we can draw from archival sources, bookish and militant infinitely richer and hope as well co-create an innovative tool encyclopedic and rewarding the best sense of the term. Each entry is as rigorous as possible creative synthesis of primary sources, secondary and tertiary and verifiable data, while remaining clear and accessible to workers, youth, popular education collectives and academics. It is desirable that, to the extent possible, each entry is developed in a manner both History and Logic.